It’s time to try…

Hello everyone!

Well if I’m being honest with myself it’s more like “Hi Grandma”, this is my first official blog post. My name is Ellie. 25 years old. And anything but normal.

I married the love of my life on July 4,2013. Together we have two crazy dogs and a typical hater cat.

I’m a middle child with an older sister and one younger brother. We grew up very close, and remain tight siblings.

Like many people in this world I have so much to say, too much at times. Silence is golden, and lets just say I’m not a golden girl. I’m loud and in your face with honesty and advice. I’m not around the bush or shady. You want to know what I think just ask me.

I’m the kind of friend I truly and honestly believe everyone needs.

So let’s be friends.


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