My best friends walk on 4 legs.

Approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 30-37% have a cat.

Dude. Sweet. Cookie.

[Here is where I would place this cute photo of all my animals laying on a chair together sleeping… but that is NOT the case in my house]

The cat came first:

Cookie, is 7 years old. I got her 4 years ago when she was abandoned by my neighbors in a duplex. Well again if I’m being honest with you, I stole her from my neighbors. You see Cookie’s name use to be Oreo, but the owners before were rude and undeserving of such a spirited animal.

On my last day at the duplex I was loading up the cleaning gear and taking photos of the empty place when I could hear “Oreo” meowing in hunger as she often did. I gave her a snack and said goodbye, getting in the truck she followed Andy(Husband) and I. I saw her rolling in the grass in front of the headlights and my stomach hurt, I couldn’t leave her. I asked Andy and he jumped out, picked up Cookie and away we went.

Days following I checked my old neighbors social sites, nothing ever about her. Never once have I felt bad for taking her. She was meant to be mine, and although we spent the first half of life apart she’ll live the last part with love.

Β kittyxmas

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