DIY Man Basket For Easter.

The exchange or giving of Easter eggs actually dates back to before Easter and the giving of eggs is actually considered a symbol of rebirth in many cultures. (Source: Elitedaily)

When I think of Easter, I’m reminded of my childhood. The hunts and baskets, the special dress and photos with the giant bunny at the mall. As I got older the meaning of Easter was family and faith, becoming more important than chocolate and roasted lamb. However the idea of an Easter basket is still a tradition in my life, Andy and I exchange adult baskets every year!

This year I’ll share with you my idea! To start I always pick an overall theme for his basket. In years past I’ve used construction, baseball, iron man and survivalist. This  year is going to be special, my husband Andy was let off probation early after almost 3 years! Needless to say I want it to be filled with things his missed over the last 36 months. My theme this year is “das boot beer is das good”. I was personally proud of this idea, we watched Beerfest our first year together, which was the last year we could both drink till now!

I never use a traditional basket, the base is something to match the theme (ie: hard hat, mitt, helmet, first aid kit) this year I went with a big drinking boot.


I went with one from Think Geek, not because it was the cheapest but because my husband is in love with their site. I’m going to use the box in our anniversary gift. Something to note about me, I save everything! After you have your base picked the fun starts. Finding items in your theme should be super easy, for extra ideas just Google your theme and go to shop.

Here are the items in this years basket, in order of placement inside the boot:

  1. Justice league nesting dolls.  ippg_justice_league_nesting_dolls$29.99 (
  2. A beer shirt. Alcohol_Molecule_NEW_T_SHIRT_black $9.00 (
  3. Andy’s favorite candy, Jelly Beans. jellybeans$3.75 (
  4. Create your own brew. ownbeer $15.60 (

We did Easter exchange on Thursday before seeing the new batman VS superman movie. I didn’t get any photos of the finished product, but he loved it! $80 at most! I do a lot of on-line trail and error ordering to review! For more Easter fun check out my video!


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