Skinny jeans in the Spring: Wish List

Skinny jeans wearers are 9 percent more likely to report high levels of happiness. Because jeans make you happy? Because happy people make gutsy fashion choices? Who knows, but also, who cares? Nothing’s bringing down your good vibe.

Let me start by saying I LOVE skinny jeans.

Spring Printed:

$199 Nordstrom #5117163
$108 Vineyard vine #2P0240


$71 ย Restyle #k-207

Send me a Photo of your favorite skinny’s for spring! I just got a pair of high waisted jeans, I never thought they would work with my short skinny body, but I love them!

Buy today $78

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5 thoughts on “Skinny jeans in the Spring: Wish List

  1. I got a pair of “jolt” skinny jeans. Dark denim. Love them. They have a lot of stretch in them, which makes them very comfortable. They are pretty inexpensive. Nordstrom usually has them on sale. Wait for a sale! Like $25!


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