My 2016 Gadgets watch list:

As of January 2014 (Source:Pew research)

90% of American adults own a cell phone

32% of American adults own an e-reader

42% of American adults own a tablet computer

 Hello Friends! Right now I want to take a moment to talk about new technology! It’s so exciting every year they are pushing the limits and  creating new objects to make everyday better and easier! Let me also say I am in no way a tech head but I am married  to one. =] Every year geeks and mega companies gather at the Consumer Electronics Show, this is where the trending new tech is revealed. This year everyone from the Baby companies to the Umbrella companies tried to get a hand in this billion dollar industry.

While Andy and I went over the articles related to the conference I found myself getting just as excited if not more than him! Some of the items released are so fresh and cool, I would love to get my hands on them. Starting with this ADORABLE electronic scooter! It’s fold-able, like what? Yep just get off and fold up like the Jetsons. It can go up to 50 mph as well! The price-tag however is more for big city people, but how cute is this?


So we know how were are getting there, now what are we wearing? Since the release of items like Fitbit and iwatch wearable tech bands have been trending! A new Fitbit Blaze is being put on shelf this year for people in like with their old one the new blaze is beautiful I recommend checking it out. I want to highlight this Ringly company! And yes it sounds like what it is, rings! These rings however aren’t something you can grab at your local Claire’s these rings change color to match ANY outfit you are wearing! Even more impressive it alerts you to calls texts and emails you might miss while your phone is in your purse! If that isn’t enough, it also links to apps like Facebook and Twitter! The price tag is perfect in my opinion it’s right in the middle between being too much and what a reliable tech product is worth. I hope to get one for my birthday in June.. (hint hint mom)


These are only two items from the Show! I encourage you to look into more, there was something for everyone. From wearable pain medication and walkie-talkies made texting! Exciting times for animals and tech as well. My husband and I are looking into a PetBot, so look forward to that blog!

Any other great technology products you think I should watch for? Let me know in the Comments!

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