ULTA Morning Makeup

The average woman spends approximately $15,000 on beauty products during her lifetime. Of that,$3,770 goes to mascara alone! (Source: Refinery29)

I get told from my friends that, “for someone who doesn’t wear makeup you sure own a lot”. GUILTY! With this new blog I really wanted to connect to other people, I have found so many great beauty bloggers! One of the first I came across and still get newsletters: www.thebudgetfashionista.com a great resource for awesome deals and great style tips.

Lets start with ULTA:


I got this kit for Christmas from my wonderful mother in-law! I loved the package of the whole kit, down to the pull up tabs.  I didn’t like the lip gloss, haven’t liked any in any makeup kit I have ever gotten. So if you have a good one leave it in the comments.

I didn’t like the brushes very much but that is due to my loyalty to my Sephora kit! I got this maybe two years ago and it is amazing.


Back to the ULTA kit.

I did enjoy the eye-shadows very smooth and lasted all day on me, when I do a smokey eye even with a finishing spray I never get the look to stay till night. My second favorite thing inside the kit, the eyebrow shades. I have never been one to fill in my eyebrows but i have been coloring my hair and wanted them to be closer in color and a little longer. Over all I have been please with the kit, Great for beginners like me! Here is my first try/look. My good friend Kayla helped, I am still learning eyeliner! More looks to come!


If you run a Beauty YouTube comment so I can watch some of your videos!

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One thought on “ULTA Morning Makeup

  1. Makeup kits can be a hit or miss, but they are fun to learn from! Mix the lip glosses. You may find a shade you really like. I’ve even mixed my gloss with powdered blush to come up with a new color. I might have to check out Sephora’s brushes! Great post.


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