Ordering Online with Wish

Online shopping retail sales are predicted to grow steadily to $370 billion in 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012. (Source: CMO)

 Right now I am going to address the scary world of online bargain shopping. More specific let’s talk about Wish. This online shopping giant is only a few years old and already playing in the big time. With unbranded clothing on sale for cheap cheap and $1 jewelry it’s no wonder they are pulling in big numbers.

For me there is nothing better than getting a fantastic deal on an item and having someone comment on it.  I get the biggest smile on my face, the better the deal the bigger the grin. I have ordered several items over the last year from Wish and have recommended it to friends. I do give a tell of warning on certain items, if you see a full beaded prom dress for $8, your probably going to get a maxi cotton dress with sequins. Just have a “bottom line” on what you will accept on an item if you aren’t willing to gamble it, don’t buy it.

Some of the best features in Wish are the costumer photos added at the end of items, I strongly encourage other users to post pictures of their products. This is important on items that come and are nothing like the photo. Users are honest they will let you know which companies take too long to ship, once i ordered a sweater for $13, $4 shipping, got the sweater 4 months later. When I went back to leave a comment I saw 15 others dating back a year saying it takes forever to ship. Lesson learned always ready the comments on the items your going to buy. Here is what I have already purchased:


The leggings aren’t as fitting and say Gooo night, not a typo, gooo. But over all they worked perfect for my B V S outfit. The dress, definitely one of the bottom line value. The makeup is so great $1. Batman sweater was a little small but has a perfect neck design, I wear it all the time. Tull skirt wasn’t as fluffy but still awesome and cute. I get the most compliments on the scarf, it goes on like a sweater, its amazing. The boots had a soft bottom that makes it slippery in the snow, loved them thou, called em my fox boots. (Bobbiejo if you read this). The man mask I got for Andy it was a $1, exactly what you expect for $1. Bottom 3 items are all cellphone accessories worked perfect, middle is a wallet and last makes the phone a slide phone with keyboard. It was super cool. Sold phone and case.

Anyways guys long ramble about Wish, but I am interested in your recent buys, I haven’t gotten shorts or jeans yet and I am wondering if its worth it to roll the dice. Leave me a comment if you have purchased off Wish.


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3 thoughts on “Ordering Online with Wish

  1. I love to order my eyeliner from them. Its $1 plus $1 shipping my it goes on perfect and drys super fast. I’m all about reading the reviews and looking at the pictures. Idk about you but for my kids I order from momma its just like wish but full of kids and baby stuff.

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