Coffee Creamer Christmas lovers can enjoy in April

. About 83 percent of adultsdrink coffee in the U.S., the world’s biggest consumer of the beverage, up from 78 percent a year earlier, according to the National CoffeeAssociation’s 2013 online survey. That’s an average of three cups a day per person, or 587 million cups. (Source: USAtoday)

My morning goes as follows, daily: wake up, feed puppies in bed (because they are spoiled rotten), go to the bathroom, start the coffee, let the dogs outside and grab the coffee mugs. Andy likes his coffee with whole milk and one sugar, while I take mine with creamer and two sugars. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 15, it was cool to hang out at the local shop. I’ve tried many different kinds of blended and iced drinks as well, but first thing in the morning only cold water and hot coffee work on me, and I don’t drink water.

When it comes to flavored creamer Nestle Coffee-Mate is king in grocery stores in our area. Just recently I purchased the cinnamon vanilla creme flavor and let me explain what happened when I took my first sip.


It’s Christmas morning and there is snow on the ground. That’s what happened. It was beautiful and glorious, all things you hope for in the first sip. I was impressed, you see I had just finished the almond joy flavored creamer and wasn’t so impressed, it tasted fine enough to finish the whole thing, but not good enough to buy again.

While looking at Coffee-mate webpage I did see they offer so many more flavors then my stores do! WTF. I am about to be on the hunt for my next months creamer..cookie flavored..


Let me know, have you tried it? What creamer do you use in the morning?

3 thoughts on “Coffee Creamer Christmas lovers can enjoy in April

  1. I’ve never tried this. I usually spice my coffee with my own “seasonings”, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, etc. I use raw cream or organic half and half. 🙂 Coffee is the best! Hahahaha! 🙂


      1. My problem is once I know something about something, I know and so it really makes me super cognizant of what I consume. I read all labels. It’s a curse! Hahaha. I love sprinkling cinnamon in my coffee. It has many health benefits! 🙂


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