Forever 21, 5 must have shoes!

American men own on average 12 pairs of shoes, while the average American woman owns a whopping 27 pairs. (Source: NewDream)

If you find yourself below the national average don’t worry girl, I got you covered. I haven’t taken a recent count but I had 56. I have just cleaned my closet out from winter have gave a few away, but after 5 years in retail I probably could open my own store! When looking at my list keep in mind I live in Idaho and our spring is a half winter have fall weather then bam one day it’s 90! I worked in a couple different type of clothing stores in out local mall, but most of my collection came from my time spent at Rue 21. Don’t get me wrong I adore there clothing and prices, however I always wished we had a Forever 21. The first time I went into one of their stores I was 14 and on vacation in Ohio, and I had never seen clothing so cheap. The closest thing at the time we had in our mall was the D.E.B. Since then I have ordered thousands of dollars worth of product from them online, I am in love.

Here are 5 Shoes in my cart currently:

These go perfect with any jeans item! Capri, jeans, shorts even a jeans skirt.

Buy Now $15.90

I have found that a huge trend this year is leg and ankle wrapped sandals, heels and flat. I have had three pairs of gladiator sandals in the past, and never get tired of wearing them. When your putting them on something about it makes you feel cooler.

Buy Now: $34.90

My next one is more of a personal choice, a lot of my girlfriends don’t like shoes with fringe, I adore them! Makes me feel festive and country at the same time! These booties are no different, plus that cute floral liner, to cute.

Buy Now: $79

My next shoe is my attempt at helping the Clog make a come back. I remember my mom had shoes almost exactly like these and I have always wanted a pair!

Buy Now: $34.90

My last pick shoe is not to be forgotten, I feel it is an importance to have a new pair of white shoes come spring. It goes with everything, literally. I love wearing my white high-top sneakers every year, in school at the end of the year everyone would sign my pair. It turned into a traveling yearbook.

Buy Now: $14.90

So guys, let me know, have you shopped at Forever 21? Post your recent buys! Do you have a favorite spring shoe?

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