Spot Light: Jewellery4u

In 2014, Chopard had sales of CHF800m (US$915m) per year, 2000 employees worldwide, of whom 900 were working in Switzerland. (Source: Wiki)

Hey Guys and Gals,

I always seem to be talking about how amazed I am with the world we live in now days, as if I have lived in times before this. (Time traveler has not been ruled out). So as these stories of mine often start, I was online looking at Twitter and seraching to find friends based by hashtags. #newblogger. A couple clicks later I find Corrine, who is Corrine?

There are so many sides to this amazing women; metal-smith, glass fuser and mother. I could go on about her, after looking at Twitter I found her website and online store! Not only did I like the style of her items but I was taken away by the ideas behind them. Without going off base I suggest you look at the whole story: Memorial Jewellery Why I Started Making It.

Long story short of why this first item from her site is on my must have, you send ashes of loved ones or loved pets that you have lost and she sends back an incredible one of a kind piece. When I saw this I was reminded of Princess my pug that died when I was 12, we had her cremated and I have a special box she is in. I can’t wait to send them in and have something created. Keeping in mind shipping as she is in the UK, $168 for these amazing items! I have seen others being made for $275+. Click her Facebook link to look through the complete gallery for other options.

Link to her Facebook page!

The second item from her site that is on my must haves, speaks for its self and then you remeber that everything down to the silver is hand twisted, amazing.



I love the behind the scenes photos, or as its being made! The quality of these is unmatched by store stuff! $52!

This is a skill I would love to learn, the heat alone would hit my butt! I definitely suggest you guys go look at her site and Facebook!

If anyone wants to get me this ring in my small baby-hand finger size 4, Here is the Link, my birthday is in June!

Well guys, I’d love to know what you think of this ring! Comment if you love it as much as I do!

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