5 ways to Make Mondays Easier

A study found that 35% of all sick leave is taken on a Monday, with attendance on the remaining working days becoming higher as the week progresses. But the lowest sick leave rate was recorded on Fridays – just 3% of the total. (Source: BBCNews)

Some how it’s 7:30 pm on Sunday, how did this happen? Where did the weekend go? Here are my 5 tips to help make Monday better, some to be done tonight and the rest tomorrow. These are tips you can use everyday to make life easier!

  1. I am a big believer at prepping out, from snacks to outfits. Take time to set your week up. You will be amazed at how much smoother your mornings will be. Sunday night, make lunch and pack snacks for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Plenty of amazing Pinterest lunch idea! Also check out Fridge-less lunch Ideas! Clothing is just as easy if you break it down to the simplest, everyday gets socks, underwear and bra! Build the outfit and jewelry after that! Everyone who has ever worked in retail, it’s their jobs to look cute they can all agree it takes minutes to pick-out an outfit compared to the time make and hair takes! (Tip-when planning outfits also make sure to check the weather!)
  2. Continuing with the prepping out, making Monday breakfast and dinner Sunday night will save you so much time! Also everyone loves the smell of a roast and potatoes as soon as you open the door! Check out my Pinterest for ideas and follow me!
  3. Okay so now that clothing and food are out of the way, I like to make a list of everything that has to be done in the week to come. Just a quick little TO DO list. Having something written is more likely to hold you accountable for going to the store and paying bills.
  4. Monday morning are always the hardest, even more when its spring! It’s finally starting to get warm and you have to go to work! Start by beating the Monday blues as soon as your alarm clock goes off! Positive mind can conqueror a lot! I recommend putting together a playlist for Monday mornings! Simple 3-5 songs, that all have the word Monday in them. I suggest looking at this for ideas! It sounds silly but you will surprised by how much you enjoy them.
  5. Alright looks like we are on the last tip, and although my mornings haven’t always been as smooth I’d like to start morning workouts. It’s no secret that it increases endorphin levels, and time is no issue! Take a look at what I found a 7 minute workout! No Excuses!


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