3 Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Survey of American adults reveals that, despite the tireless efforts of the Food Network, Mark Bittman and KitchenDaily, 28% of Americans — almost a third — don’t know how to cook. (Source: HuffingtonPost)

Hi Guys!

We have all been in this situation before, you’re hungry but you don’t want to cook. For me it’s the clean up, I’m the type of person who does dishes before she cooks and then lets the dishes sit there till the next time I cook. Maybe you don’t think you have the right food or maybe its the tools. Whether you are a pro-cook or just mastering Noodles, here at 3 fun items for your kitchen!

My first item comes from Bonnie Bond and John Caraberis, they have been crafting pewter for over 25 years! Their products are made in their studio, located in Nova Scotia! Their dream is to design and create products that touch the heart and delight the spirit. Their many designs have a touch of whimsy and unique. This is the perfect item, no one needs a salt boat but look how cute this thing is!!

Row Boat Salt Cellar $22

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your entire home. It’s a gathering place. Showcase your sense of style with something different! Add a little ambiance to this favorite hangout – who knows, someone may even offer to stay around and do the dishes! This brings me to item #2! I’ve had my hand in up-cycling utensils but these are just great!

Buy now only $25.95

The last item on our list is this remarkable little timer. It uses temperature instead of time to perfectly gauge whether a boiled egg is soft, medium or hard. It absorbs heat exactly as an egg does, changing color from the outside edge in to show the level of doneness. It’s an amazing world we live in.

Only $6 

How fun are these 3! I must say the salt boat is my favorite and I know someone on my Christmas list needs one.

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5 thoughts on “3 Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

  1. Oh. I love you! How cute is this post. I was already for some serious cooking tools that I was sure I didn’t own and then I saw a salt boat and a fork man. You’re my type of girl! So funny. Great post and thanks for making me smile. I might need that fork man!


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