Rue21! 6 Must Have Shoes Under $40

Rue21 Inc., formerly known as Pennsylvania Fashions Inc. (as well as $9.99 Stockroom), is headquartered in the Pittsburgh suburb of Warrendale, Pennsylvania. It is a specialty discount retailer of young men and womenโ€™s casual apparel and accessories. (Source: Wiki)

Hello Y’all,

It’s no secret that I worked as an Assistant Manager for Rue21, almost made it 3 years. You would not even believe me if I told you how much I loved for them. I was 20 when I first started, I was already working 2 other jobs inside our local mall and still couldn’t make ends meet. This is almost certainly due to the fact I worked in the mall (so easy to spend when you live there). Up until Rue the only other retail experience I had was working at Spencer’s Gifts, I know the two are such opposites. Don’t get me wrong I also enjoyed working at Spencer’s but there is a rewarding feeling you get in the environment that Rue provides for it’s workers. It has a perfect mix of friends and competition I believe is necessary in retail. Trusting the people you work with to have your back when things are crazy busy but also not be upset when you out-sale them.

Anyways.. I don’t want to get side tracked, maybe I’ll do another post about working there! Just know they hire at 16, to apply:ย Click Here

Now onto the good stuff…

Who doesn’t love a good BOGO Sale? With Spring in full motion I find myself breaking out my coral collection. A great color for any girl no matter tone or style!! What an amazing price! I have sandals that I purchased when I first started that are still in great shape years later! Both styles come in a few different colors, I also suggest looking at the black pain in both sandals! All shoes shown here are on sale BOGO 50% off!!! Hurry while supplies last!


My favorite look in Spring time is ankle boots! My style is all over the place, but these strap boots remind me of almost steam punk! If you have followed my blog for awhile you will also know I have a weakness for floral print.


Last two shoes on my wish list are CLEARANCE!! Get them now girls!! Huge selection of $8 boots!! Comment and let me know what style is your favorite!! If you search on Pinterest you can follow me, and keep up with awesome finds!



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