My Saturday Makeup

Makeup Used

Hello loves!

Let me start with a fact about myself, I hardly put makeup on. I have hit that stage in my married 20’s where it takes to long, or just plain out isn’t needed. Today I desired to get ready for the day. I own it, so i should use the stuff right? This is a two way win for me, not only do I get to play dress-up but also a great chance to tell my husband I am finally using something that cost us hundreds of dollars. My bad Andy. Side note: I wear it for me alone, Andy prefers me with no makeup. I know I’m lucky!

Like a lot of other women who don’t wear makeup regularly i have only two looks. The “light” and the “dark” most people would call this day and night makeup but that is not always the case. On the days I do go through all the steps in getting ready, hair takes me about 25 minutes, I am a big fan or my curling iron. Makeup takes me 10.

I don’t skip steps, or maybe I just wear less then other girls? Or possibly because I have no idea what I am doing so I rush it, either way here is my April 16,2016 makeup.

No Make-up
My unfiltered, no makeup- morning face! The start!

I had my best friend Kayla here to help me the eyebrows, I can NEVER get my filled right. I am definitely that girl with the rain drop eyebrows! Here is a snap of us in the middle of getting ready.

Getting ready
Kayla and I.
Saturday Make-up
Finished Look!

I like to do my make-up, but I love hanging out with my friends!

Kayla and I
After, full face make over!
Makeup Used
Saturday Make-up products! B.B. cream, Too Faced and Ulta eye shadow, Sephora Bobbi Brown foundation sticks, L’oreal Bronzer, Wish contouring kit.

Do you wear makeup everyday? Have you found a system that works just right for you? I’d love to hear any secrets you might have to give =]

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