One Month To A Better Me.

21 days is a myth; habit formation typically takes longer than that. The best estimate is 66 days, but it’s unwise to attempt to assign a number to this process. The duration of habit formation is likely to differ depending on who you are and what you are trying to do. (Source:London university College)

Lets be honest I am horrible at keeping plans, or keeping a routine. Outside of my mornings with my dogs the rest of my day is up for grabs. After tossing around a few ideas, I decided to challenge myself. Pushing my mind, body and soul daily. In hopes that at the end of this month-long trial I will have created something both inside myself and out that makes me, a better me. Unlike the basic 30 day squat challenge or a 30 day spring clean out, I have combined them all into one month of reaching goals. I am starting this on April 18th, exactly one month after my blog was started. I’m excited to hold myself accountable everyday! Doesn’t matter if its running a mile or learning how to apply a liquid winged liner, I’m going to do something everyday!! Every night I will lay out my challenges, and the next day after completing the tasks I will report! I will show any photos if it calls for or is needed to explain! Feel free to join in and do a task and share with me!

Day 1- April 18,2016: 

First thing on my list, is drink more water! Insider tip about myself, I never drink water, I’ve gone months without a sip of water. (No lie) I drink tea, soda and coffee. Shame on me I know! Andy worked for a water company and he’d bring home 5 gallon bottles and drink it all himself, always telling me I needed water! It’s not that I don’t know the benefits of water, I just wasn’t raised with or around a lot of water drinkers. My first step is to slowly introduce water into my system, because I drink so little water when I actually do drink it I get very ill. The average person needs a half-gallon, or two liters a day. On my first day I am going to start very simple, for every non-water beverage I am going to drink two cups! For every time I go to the bathroom one cup of ice-cold water, this has multiple purposes for your body! I also go pee like a hundred times a day so we’ll see how many I can actually handle.

Second on my list, is getting back into shape. I have always been a thin girl, but do NOT let my weight trick you I can’t run or lift to save my life. I always joke that the only weight I have is from Pepsi, Almond Joy’s and Little Caesars pizza. I didn’t want to make it a focus to have a huge intense workout program for the two reasons listed above. I also did this because I am going to build up my small routine and learn more yoga! Here is my first day work out list.

  • 10 Lunges, 10 T-Push up, 10 Squats, Plank 20 seconds, 20 Arm circles front and back!
  • Twenty minute yoga workout, Andy has done a lot of yoga before I’m excited to have his help! He did research on beginners poses and is teaching me his favorites throughout the month! A couple who grinds together, stays together.

The third section on my list, is getting my life organized. This is my favorite area, I love looking at everything I own. Its kinda weird but for me it’s like shopping all over again. I love getting re-inspired to create something just by cleaning out a room. Currently my once has been sun-room, office and storage room is now just a pile of mess. I have a visit from family in about two weeks and I want it looking at least walk-able. My goals for tomorrow:

  • Clear out all recyclable, I kept all out moving boxes, can you say hoarders!
  • Last year I was doing a lot of vending at craft shows and markets so I naturally acquired a ridiculous amount of items. I have an extra couch and love seat in the back room that I’d like to move into the entry room. I know the larger couch had a leg busted off when I was getting it in there so I will have to repair that, and shampoo the whole couch. These take a good amount of time, so I’ll leave it at just two tasks in the back room.

The fourth area on my month adventure is basic spring cleaning, slowly. Another inside tip about me, I use to clean houses for a living. So it goes without saying most the time my house is presentable. Also like most people when I just clean my house I’m not washing walls and baseboard. This section will give me a chance to really see what in the house needs extra attention. My hope is tomorrow I’ll have time to:

  • Clean out the fridge and freezer! This shouldn’t be too bad considering we get groceries Tuesday so it’s looking skimpy in there right now.
  • The other is to clean out my container area. Have you ever been to a house that only has one pot, but 200 Tupperware containers? That’s me, I admit to having a problem. It wouldn’t be so bad but we never put them away with the pair so finding a lid is like finding a needle in a hay stack.
  • Lastly keeping in the kitchen area, my spice rack. It’s NASTY. I’m gonna have to google if they expire, I wanna say my grandma gave me some of them when I had my first apartment, 8 years ago.

Area five of my be a better me challenge is, connecting with out-of-state friends and family. Too often the out of sight out of mind quote comes real. I have so much in my day-to-day I often forget to call a loved one back, or send out that letter. That changes this month. I may be busy but I do have down time, and I know reconnecting will help me emotionally grow! First person on my list:

  • One of my truest friends Suzy. Her travels have taken her to the other side of the country. She is currently staying with her brother in Florida! I am going to write her a hand written note and mail it all cute like, tune back in tomorrow. I have several ideas for snail mail packages!

The sixth and final challenge area is, creation and crafting! Like I said before I keep everything, now it’s time to use it! Between books, jars, windows and more I have enough to create something new every day! With that being said I have two book orders going out this week! Tune back tomorrow to see how I use a simple layout to fold any old and damaged book into a word or piece of art!!

Well guysngals, between the 7 animals in my home and my Uncle who I take care of I think 6 a day is a good balance to keep me busy and on my toes. I am beyond excited to start tomorrow and can’t wait to give y’all updates! Here is a little of what my household did today, shed/man-cave cleaning!

Ignore the soda
Man Cave, ignore the soda cans! Look at all those computer parts!

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4 thoughts on “One Month To A Better Me.

    1. Starting with so many was a challenge altogether, I enjoy the morning work out so I have kept that everyday. However the water thing I struggle with. I find myself always cleaning anyways, everyday so that part has stayed. Lol. I do suggest one part of life be a challenge and routine it keeps one sane Lol


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