Day one… It was hard.

We’ve all heard the saying, “the first day is always the hardest”. Well I’m here to say that is a fact, 100%. When I was writing out my task list for today (last night) I must have forgotten the part about 6 dogs, a cat and three men in my house all day. I didn’t even start in on my workout until one in the afternoon, four hours later here I am, defeated and sore. Make sure to look at One month to a better me for the complete list and details of what should have been done today!! If you see something I missed, call me out on it.

First up, my water challenge. So far today I have consumed 6 cups! How amazing is that! The first glass was disgusting, I almost gagged, but by the 4th cup I was feeling good! Note: You will feel gross after drinking water if you are not used to it, I avoided being sick by eating about half way and then drinking the rest! It’s only 5:30 here so I am sure to have a few more cups before bed! I’ll have to let you know how I am feeling tomorrow, probably gonna be bloated. I have seen so many photos of people who did the water challenge and their hair and skin look so much better, I hope for the same results just slightly less since I will not be drinking a gallon a day.

Next up was my work out:10 Lunges, 10 T-Push up, 10 Squats, Plank 20 seconds, 20 Arm circles front and back. Let me say I was underestimating my fat to muscle ratio. By the second wall squat I was dying and my husband was crying with laughter. As I have mentioned before Andy was in the Navy, and you can tell. The muscle memory he still has is amazing! He showed me different and easier ways to do my routine and he looked good planking! This is just day one of my body journey so I am not too hard on myself! Here is my little hobbit body, day 1.

Ignore my room, my life is a mess, deal with it. My thoughts after day one, “how embarrassing” my face was so red  as my arms were shaking! Also I don’t know why I thought yoga would be fun and easy, I was mistaken, and I apologize to every yoga girl and guy out there. Hopefully tomorrow my legs aren’t as jello.

Third on the list was organization, I failed 50% here. I was able to go through and bag up all my cans and remove the cardboard but i did not get to move the couch. I have decided to wait till after i shampoo the front room, this was a good compromise for me.

The bags are cans to be recycled and the table has all the box’s! This is only the start for this room!

Fourth section of my challenge was spring cleaning! This section killed me, only for the fact that once I started I couldn’t stop till the entire room was cleaned. On my list I was supposed to clean out the fridge, the Tupperware cabinet and the spice rack. These are all things in the kitchen. So naturally I had to wipe down all the walls and baseboard along with the front of every drawer! This obsession showed me that I will need to combined cleaning and organizing!

67 lids in the trash, and yes I counted.

The fridge was super nasty, had dried blood for the 3 times a month we eat meat! This took about an hour on its own. Every piece had to be pulled out and soaked in baking soda! However when I placed all the food back in, I was like, Oh shit we have nothing to eat!!

As I was cleaning the rest of kitchen I collected all the mason jars, old sauce jars into one pile.. I wasn’t lying about hoarding! I waited till after Andy left for fork to pull them all out, I had them all over that kitchen!

The last two sections, didn’t even get touched. I didn’t craft, create or write Nay. Like I said the kitchen took up the rest of the day, now it is time for dinner and a shower. However when I go to make tomorrow’s challenge I will be adjusting it to better fit my lifestyle.

So not bad right?! Water, squats, clean fridge, i recycled and I’m about to cook dinner. Not bad today Ellie. I did notice the day went by so much faster, when my roommate got home from work I was like WHOA. So now I want to know, how do you clean? Can you just do one task in each room or do you have to move room by room?

Tune in tonight to see tomorrow’s challenge!!

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3 thoughts on “Day one… It was hard.

  1. I pick up 5 to 10 things when I walk out of our living room. I also save my baseboards and walls for when my kiddos need extra chores. (Benefits of having kiddos) I vacuum almost daily because of our dogs, and I’m trying to get the motivation to go through everything and get rid of everything we don’t need. My kids are getting a bit entitled and I think it’s because we have so much stuff that we lost sight of what we need.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol. Sometimes it creates more of a mess though haha. But yeah, it took me about a year to train myself to pick up things as I leave a room.


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