Day Two, You’re Gonna Be Sore

Welcome back y’all, if you are behind on my month challenge look here: One Month To A Better Me.

During our challenge/struggle today I learned several things, for starters I now know that I can’t drink 7 cups of water all at once! When you put things off, it just means you aren’t going to do them! I finally drank the water at dinner, and did in fact get sick! Too much, my bad kidneys. I also learned that I have a short attention span but I need to over clean, organize and sort through things. These two problems are very conflicting! I’m already in pajamas that’s how badly my thighs hurt! Placing a time limit on the cleaning and organizing will help the day go smoother, and it will keep me from getting consumed by every detail. To see how smooth my day one challenge went check out: Day 1 was hard.

Day 2- April 19,2016:

First thing on my list, is drink more water! Continue to drink 1 cup after going pee, and 2 cups for every non-water beverage consumed. I will have to drink the amount of water called for right after, I wait cause I’m a cheater. I’ve asked Andy to hold me accountable for the water particularly. Having a history of medical problems this really is a necessity in my life, I have to form this habit now!

Second on the list, is getting back into shape! 10 donkey kicks, 5 v-up crunches, 45 second elbow plank, 15 triceps dips (use chair), 20 arm circles front and back! 20 minutes of yoga! Hopefully I can get at least one of the six dogs I have at my house to do it with me!

The third section on my list, is getting my life organized. The fourth area on my month adventure is basic spring cleaning, slowly. These two I found need to be focused in the same area of the house or I will not be able to do them both. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get back in the old office room and continue to sort through the junk that has taken over!! My mother Willow is going to lend me her shampooer so I can finally get these couches clean and start using them!

Area five of my be a better me challenge is, connecting with out-of-state friends and family. I did not get to this section today, I got consumed in the fridge! It rolls over to tomorrows challenge and will be done right after the mornings workout to avoid getting looked over again. Holding my self accountable for the relationships in my life starts now.

  • One of my truest friends Suzy. She is currently staying with her brother in Florida! I am going to write her a hand written note and mail it all cute like, tune back in tomorrow. I have several ideas for snail mail packages!

The sixth and final challenge area is, creation and crafting! This section will also get done no matter what. No just to keep me accountable but also because it was ordered and it’s due. I am finishing up a two book art order, one for Mr&Mrs and one with anniversary dates! Can’t wait to see them together!

Here are 3 of the 6 dogs I live with. Beautiful Wolf and Malamute babies.

Today was fun, I might complain but I do love to work out. I was an avid sports player all through high school and you forget how much you loved the feeling of your lungs burning. I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow but I’m confident I will accomplish everything on my list!! The hardest part today was the dogs, they are use to a lot more mommy time, it took some adjusting too. Tune back in to see how far I get tomorrow!

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