3 days Behind, On Time

Hey y’all,

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Wow, haven’t been on my computer since the 19th! Shame I know. In the moments since beautiful things have happened. I still work out daily, still on my water game and my house is almost ready for my visitors this coming weekend! Andy has been the biggest helper! He shampooed our whole bedroom by himself, and it looks amazing! Our roommate Bob has been helping Andy with the garage and yard, I seriously couldn’t be happier. We have been surrounded by dogs, I’ve been in love! Here are a few we spent time with over the last few days I was away.

On a personal note my father was released, and entered into a program. I did not go up the day he was released my grandparents and a few other close members however did. He will be in my town soon, knowing that I let them have these moments so mine could be more personal. The day he was officially released he got out and the first thing he did was get a car! Already! How amazing is that, the next day he hooked up with a good friend of mine Antony for a cell phone! I’m so proud already! I can not wait to hug him finally!

On another personal, my sister was married! She looked amazing, she had professional hair and makeup done! I’ve always thought my sister was beautiful, I grew up wishing I had her eyes. Mine always had grey in the blue but Renee’s eyes are the color of the ocean. The morning of the big day us girls (Mom, Renee, Layla my niece and me) went to coffee and breakfast before Renee’s hair and makeup.

While she was there my Mom, Layla and I went and finished getting ready. I curled my niece’s hair and got her dressed, let me just say this little girl is a wiggler. My sister has 5 beautiful kids but Layla is her only girl. At birth Layla was born a twin, Alisabeth however was only with us for a few days before being called home. Layla has over come so many medical obstacles just standing there is a magical mystery, she is our little princess. The boys from oldest to youngest; Tristan, Leeland, Jayden and Jaxyn.


Here I am with the Bride, my baby brother Rollin and his girl friend Ann, and that little gem is of course Layla. Her face in this picture is my favorite ha-ha.
Ann, Rollin, Me, Tristan (He is as tall as I am basically)
The Porter’s

Still to come, my hair is Blue! Stay tuned for that post, and see the finished book art step by step with photos! Once again I defiantly suggest you look at MY guest blog post about 2016 being the year of the LOB haircut!

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