Our Life Out Loud Music Trivia

Hey Y’all,

Finally reunited with my life long bestie Abel for another episode of Our life out loud, our YouTube channel. In life we get so wrapped up in day-to-day task the little things get pushed aside. In my life often friends and family members left on the back burner. It’s been my goal this year to try harder to stay connected to those I love.

When Abel and I are together you never know what can happen or where we will end up. Apart we are spontaneous together we’re just wild, we give off the best energy. Ever since we were kids we’ve made up games, just to pass the time. This still happens, and I love it. Today we googled song lyrics by the others favorite artist and quizzed the other! Such simple things are the reason our friendship has survived 20 years.

I of course went with my first music crush Britney Spears, I am the worst with trivia so I tried really hard not to let her down. It also doesn’t help I panic in the moment so it’s harder for me to think. I think that’s why I like blogging so much, no face to face?  Abel went with his girl crush Beyoncé.

Definitely a giggle! Check it out! Let me know what you think, my hair was on point!

Published by Ellie Shots

Mother 👩‍👦 Wife 💑 Dogx2&Cat 🐶🐶🐱 Lifestyle blogger 👠🍰 finding time for fitness 🏃🏻‍♀️ and friends 👭🍷 advocate for Mother Earth 🌏🌿 just a poor girl from a small town sharing my journey to a better me. Find me streaming on Twitch

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