Diy Birthday Gift $0

Hey y’all,

It finally happened, those moment crafter’s wait for. Today is my best friends birthday, along with it being the 154th Cinco De Mayo! I had planned to make a book art statement piece for him but unfortunately lost track of time these last few days. This morning was game time, time to get creative and made something awesome with what is already here.

I searched Googled and Pintrest for DIY birthday gifts for men, took me about 2 minutes to see something and run with the idea. A jar of nothing. If you can remember back to when I cleaned my kitchen,ย I had so many empty jars from sauces.


I don’t have a printer at my house so I had to do all art by hand. This is always my hardest part, I am not artistic at all. So I always end up unhappy with the finished product, however this time I was completely okay with it. As you can see I had my choice of jars to use, I went with a smaller canning jar. I had salsa in it at one point, and you literally can’t wash out the smell of the jalapeno.

I grabbed my jar, a blank page, wrapping paper, tape and a pen. I could have done more with the front of the jar art work but like i said that area isn’t my best so I left it as was. Over all it was super cute, really fun and most importantly he loved it.

Let me know what you think! Would you give a jar of nothing to someone?


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