Help me get back to Standing Rock& Michigan!

Thank you for stopping by our page! As many of you know, we live in our 1977 Winnebago with our two dogs Dude and Sweet and our cat Kitty (or Oreo).

We recently traveled with Veterans for Standing Rock out of Washington State. It was the best experience of our lives. Here we met whistleblower John Bolenbaugh of,  who offered us positions on his crew to help with his new documentary! Here’s what we need help with:

Camper Van: $2000-4000

This will be our new home during (and after) our employment with John Bolenbaugh. We love our Winnie but she’s too old; 
Doesn’t go over 55 mph, roof leaks water in multiple areas, doesn’t retain heat (avg 30-40° w/electric heater), the furnace is broken, the pipes leak, hot water heater is broken, and the circuit breaker trips with anything more than the heater. Those are the notable things, there are many more small problems. The worst part is almost all of the things went bad in the last two months! We’re hoping that you can all help us get something safer and warmer to live in…Michigan gets cold!

Gas: $?

This all depends on the van we can get. The drive from where we are to where we need to be is about 2500 miles. The Winnie is awful on gas, another reason we need your help to get something better.

PLEASE SHARE OUR STORY! Please help us achieve this dream. We both work very hard and are saving as much as we can!

Follow us on our Facebook page (Andy and Ellie vs Evil), Instagram (@andyandellievsevil, @mofobatman), and Twitter (@andyandellievsevil, @Ellie_Shots). Thank you ❤
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