Timeless pieces

​This ancient Moss Agate ring, set in pure silver, has survived with 5 generations. 

It first escaped with the family from Germany during the first WWII, when my clients great-grandmother resettled in Poland. Later they had to escape to Russia, as Jews in hiding. Nadya (her mother), then 20 years old, brought it with her to the U.S. when she escaped Stalin’s purge in the 30’s. Nadya came to America by herself, established a photography business in North Hollywood. She took pictures of the Hollywood elite and shared the photos with me. She was black listed during the Red Scared, but still succeeded in building her brand. Her daughter Nina consigned the earrings and ring set, and shared their story. 

This ring represents so much, history, survival, perseverance, the American Dream.

For sale.*

Published by Ellie Shots

Mother 👩‍👦 Wife 💑 Dogx2&Cat 🐶🐶🐱 Lifestyle blogger 👠🍰 finding time for fitness 🏃🏻‍♀️ and friends 👭🍷 advocate for Mother Earth 🌏🌿 just a poor girl from a small town sharing my journey to a better me. Find me streaming on Twitch

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