Follow your heart, a letter to myself.


When we left our hometown in September we had no way of knowing what was to come. Having to leave behind everyone of importance in our lives, and realizing that myself and my husband truly matter most. The joys that were to follow and the dreams we’d achieve in the process only make the journey better. 

We stress to much of the value of money. Yes it’s what fills the gas tank and feeds our precious animals but when the last dollar is spent we still make it work. I’d like to take this time to give a heartfilled thank you to any and every person who has donated to our adventure or that has shared our story. We set out to find ourselves and what we found in return was something we couldn’t of prepared for. 

I found love. Within myself, after years of hidden depression and mental illnesses I came to see myself as mejestic and free. I found love and comfort in my partner opening up completely and giving myself fully to him. My love for animals was amplified when I saw free roaming animals all across this beautiful land. Of all the gifts and lessons following my heart gave me, my connection to mother nature was the greatest.

Not only did standing rock reopen my love for activism but it reminded me how small we are. Not only hearing but feeling that the earth is our mother changed my life. 

Follwing my heart and leaving behind everything wasn’t easy. In life the greatest rewards often come after the most difficult of times. I now know that if I believe in the energy of the universe and work towards a humanitarian future my possibilities are endless.

Have faith, go slow and never be afraid to ask for help. People just need the same reminders that life is a gift and we are all connected in its wheel.

LOVE always in everything,


Published by Ellie Shots

Mother πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Wife πŸ’‘ Dogx2&Cat 🐢🐢🐱 Lifestyle blogger πŸ‘ πŸ° finding time for fitness πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ and friends πŸ‘­πŸ· advocate for Mother Earth 🌏🌿 just a poor girl from a small town sharing my journey to a better me. Find me streaming on Twitch

3 thoughts on “Follow your heart, a letter to myself.

  1. What a beautiful post! Love what you wrote. I’m happy to hear you found some answers and made some wonderful memories along the way. Glad it helped your life. Stay happy! Koko πŸ™‚


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