Peanut butter and banana cookies

As the weather takes a change and my cardigans start getting used I call upon my autumn flavors. I like to start subtle and end with the big pumpkin pie bang!

To me peanut butter is a comfort food, be it a spoon full at a time or an uncrustables sandwich. My husband as of late has been on the keto diet and wanted something to cheat with but not gain with.

Searching Pinterest I found several recipes I am going to try this season but what really caught my eye was the banana! You don’t see many cookies that include banana, I was worried the taste wouldn’t pull through and only the texture would.

I’m happy to admit both hit home! This recipe makes soft chewy cookies that taste of both peanut butter and banana! I would suggest dipping half in chocolate if your in to that kind of thing.

Fair warning this recipe only made 10 large cookies or 16 medium cookies. So if your wanting a lot you need to doubly down. Go try it and tell me what you think?!

Fat Chewy Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

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