Fall Thrift Store Lookout List

Hi Y’all!

It is officially my favorite time of year, Autumn and I can not wait to pull out my long sleeves and scarfs. Here in Idaho weather has been around the mid 70’s for the last week! With Halloween a month away I want to jump on and start decorating my new home as well as myself.

Decorating and updating your wardrobe can add up quickly, so whenever possible I always check my local thrift stores first. I have created a list of items that are popular this year in hopes to find something similar at a low-cost.

Lets start with home decor! I have just recently moved and have NO fall or Halloween decor. I do have a small patio with two small steps in the front of my home that I want to make a visual vocal point. The best way to get the look I want is to be on the hunt for any and all recycled decor!

  1. Pumpkins, this is an obvious item. Plastic pumpkins can be spray painted to take on new life. I have also noticed that you can find old trick-or-treating baskets and those are great DIY center pieces for your tables.
  2. The next item is more of half of an item. I will be looking for costume accessories. Things that I can use outdoors. For example, witches hats or monster hands. Both can be hung from a tree and look great!
  3. Old Brooms! I love the item or creating an area on my porch with a Witches Only Parking!

Finding the right item for a holiday decorated patio is only half the battle, you also have to be creative enough to know how to use it to get the maximum potential out of the item. Hopefully your local stores have a holiday section and you can find exactly what you need to create a new look for dirt cheap! As also you can browse my Halloween  board on Pinterest for ideas!

Now personally my style has always been more of a professional casual, and now that I’m a mom it has just been very modern. However I still think I look hip, but I am always ready for a meeting of any kind when I get dressed in the morning. Going into fall I knew there were a lot of styles I wanted to add to my closet, as someone who has worked retail her whole life I have a lot of clothes. Unfortunately a lot of those no longer fit due to me giving birth this year.

Let me break down all the great things you can find at a thrift store and how to keep up with the styles that are hot in the moment. Knowing what is going to be “in” can be hard, not to mention some of the styles might be what you would wear. I find that fashion is fun and makes you more confident. I use a few websites to browse before I go shopping:





After I have looked at what others think will be in this year I like to look at a few of my favorite style bloggers and then make my list!

  1. Plaid! You can never have enough! This is something that comes in handy year after year! Currently I would love to find a long plaid skirt!
  2. Blazers, I work in an office and the 80’s style is such my style! The longer the better!
  3. Western vibes. I will be the first to tell you I am not a cow-girl, but I am a country girl. When it comes to fall my inner cowgirl does come out. I am looking for belts with big buckles and beaded work items!
  4. Chunky cardigans! Also not a surprise as this is a classic fall look!
  5. Patch work and animal prints are also on my try to find Fall fashion list.


When in doubt scan YouTube for thrift store hauls! I can’t wait to show you guys what I find this week, add me on Instagram to see how much I can find off my list!


Ellie Shots

Updated finds:

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