Pinterest Bakes I tried

As I’m laying in bed scrolling through all the fall baking photos on Pinterest dreaming of a life I yet have. A life where I wake up in a big beautiful home with a glorious kitchen! A life where I make breakfast and lattes everyday.

Reality hits and I’m in a shared three bedroom duplex with the kitchen space of a studio. It got me thinking, these “amateur” bakers are more like semi-pro! What happens when someone like me, a flat cookie, sunken middle cake baker follows the recipe to the tee. I have no baking experience, no bakers intuition.

I’ve started a series of bakes! It started with the peanut butter and banana cookies!

My next adventure in the kitchen looked more like an item in a bakery somewhere in Europe but the recipe lead me astray! Pumpkin Twists made from puff pastry ! It was a first time experience with most of the ingredients!

The recipe itself was simple to follow but the baking time was incredibly off! I had to bake way longer because my middle was raw. After reading comments on the blog itself most had the same issue. Aside from the rawness I had other disappointments, such as the recipe only yields 4, yes just 4 twists.

With such a low serving size the cost per twist was ridiculous to make at home! Will not be making these anytime in the near future, in less I have a Halloween party with 4 guests. Try your luck with them and let me know, a group want for sure!



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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Bakes I tried

  1. Were they tasty? Only four! Ack. Well I wouldn’t mind if you could bake them in a convection oven as it is a small space to heat for small amounts. I’d hate to heat an oven just for four. Thanks for posting. Good to know about the timing. ๐Ÿ™‚


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