Pinterest Bakes I tried

As I’m laying in bed scrolling through all the fall baking photos on Pinterest dreaming of a life I yet have. A life where I wake up in a big beautiful home with a glorious kitchen! A life where I make breakfast and lattes everyday. Reality hits and I’m in a shared three bedroom duplexContinue reading “Pinterest Bakes I tried”

It’s been a minute, or ten years

Today is my ten year high school reunion, yikes. Here is a throw back of myself I’m in the middle! Don’t get excited thinking you’ll be hearing stories of awkwardness or drunken conversations. I am not attending my 10 year. Let me tell you a two main reasons why- To be upfront, the number oneContinue reading “It’s been a minute, or ten years”

Join OLOL in standing against big oil, water protectors unit now!

Many of you have asked me how can we help, let me tell you exactly how. In February 2017 a hour and a half long film is being released for free to the public. What I need you guys to do is sponsor a showing in your local area. Once out this documentary film willContinue reading “Join OLOL in standing against big oil, water protectors unit now!”

Help me get back to Standing Rock& Michigan!

​Thank you for stopping by our page! As many of you know, we live in our 1977 Winnebago with our two dogs Dude and Sweet and our cat Kitty (or Oreo). We recently traveled with Veterans for Standing Rock out of Washington State. It was the best experience of our lives. Here we met whistleblowerContinue reading “Help me get back to Standing Rock& Michigan!”