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As I’m laying in bed scrolling through all the fall baking photos on Pinterest dreaming of a life I yet have. A life where I wake up in a big beautiful home with a glorious kitchen! A life where I make breakfast and lattes everyday.

Reality hits and I’m in a shared three bedroom duplex with the kitchen space of a studio. It got me thinking, these “amateur” bakers are more like semi-pro! What happens when someone like me, a flat cookie, sunken middle cake baker follows the recipe to the tee. I have no baking experience, no bakers intuition.

I’ve started a series of bakes! It started with the peanut butter and banana cookies!

My next adventure in the kitchen looked more like an item in a bakery somewhere in Europe but the recipe lead me astray! Pumpkin Twists made from puff pastry ! It was a first time experience with most of the ingredients!

The recipe itself was simple to follow but the baking time was incredibly off! I had to bake way longer because my middle was raw. After reading comments on the blog itself most had the same issue. Aside from the rawness I had other disappointments, such as the recipe only yields 4, yes just 4 twists.

With such a low serving size the cost per twist was ridiculous to make at home! Will not be making these anytime in the near future, in less I have a Halloween party with 4 guests. Try your luck with them and let me know, a group want for sure!



Ellie Shots

Fall Thrift Store Lookout List

Hi Y’all!

It is officially my favorite time of year, Autumn and I can not wait to pull out my long sleeves and scarfs. Here in Idaho weather has been around the mid 70’s for the last week! With Halloween a month away I want to jump on and start decorating my new home as well as myself.

Decorating and updating your wardrobe can add up quickly, so whenever possible I always check my local thrift stores first. I have created a list of items that are popular this year in hopes to find something similar at a low-cost.

Lets start with home decor! I have just recently moved and have NO fall or Halloween decor. I do have a small patio with two small steps in the front of my home that I want to make a visual vocal point. The best way to get the look I want is to be on the hunt for any and all recycled decor!

  1. Pumpkins, this is an obvious item. Plastic pumpkins can be spray painted to take on new life. I have also noticed that you can find old trick-or-treating baskets and those are great DIY center pieces for your tables.
  2. The next item is more of half of an item. I will be looking for costume accessories. Things that I can use outdoors. For example, witches hats or monster hands. Both can be hung from a tree and look great!
  3. Old Brooms! I love the item or creating an area on my porch with a Witches Only Parking!

Finding the right item for a holiday decorated patio is only half the battle, you also have to be creative enough to know how to use it to get the maximum potential out of the item. Hopefully your local stores have a holiday section and you can find exactly what you need to create a new look for dirt cheap! As also you can browse my Halloween  board on Pinterest for ideas!

Now personally my style has always been more of a professional casual, and now that I’m a mom it has just been very modern. However I still think I look hip, but I am always ready for a meeting of any kind when I get dressed in the morning. Going into fall I knew there were a lot of styles I wanted to add to my closet, as someone who has worked retail her whole life I have a lot of clothes. Unfortunately a lot of those no longer fit due to me giving birth this year.

Let me break down all the great things you can find at a thrift store and how to keep up with the styles that are hot in the moment. Knowing what is going to be “in” can be hard, not to mention some of the styles might be what you would wear. I find that fashion is fun and makes you more confident. I use a few websites to browse before I go shopping:





After I have looked at what others think will be in this year I like to look at a few of my favorite style bloggers and then make my list!

  1. Plaid! You can never have enough! This is something that comes in handy year after year! Currently I would love to find a long plaid skirt!
  2. Blazers, I work in an office and the 80’s style is such my style! The longer the better!
  3. Western vibes. I will be the first to tell you I am not a cow-girl, but I am a country girl. When it comes to fall my inner cowgirl does come out. I am looking for belts with big buckles and beaded work items!
  4. Chunky cardigans! Also not a surprise as this is a classic fall look!
  5. Patch work and animal prints are also on my try to find Fall fashion list.


When in doubt scan YouTube for thrift store hauls! I can’t wait to show you guys what I find this week, add me on Instagram to see how much I can find off my list!


Ellie Shots

Updated finds:

Peanut butter and banana cookies

As the weather takes a change and my cardigans start getting used I call upon my autumn flavors. I like to start subtle and end with the big pumpkin pie bang!

To me peanut butter is a comfort food, be it a spoon full at a time or an uncrustables sandwich. My husband as of late has been on the keto diet and wanted something to cheat with but not gain with.

Searching Pinterest I found several recipes I am going to try this season but what really caught my eye was the banana! You don’t see many cookies that include banana, I was worried the taste wouldn’t pull through and only the texture would.

I’m happy to admit both hit home! This recipe makes soft chewy cookies that taste of both peanut butter and banana! I would suggest dipping half in chocolate if your in to that kind of thing.

Fair warning this recipe only made 10 large cookies or 16 medium cookies. So if your wanting a lot you need to doubly down. Go try it and tell me what you think?!

Fat Chewy Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

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Ellie Shots


Postal Chicks


I found my soul sister when I was a broken, lost 19-year-old girl. I was in a bad relationship, I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally or physically. I had many faces and identity’s based on the people around me. I was living with roommates and between us there was always new people at the apartment and one day Kylie was there. She was so fresh compared to the people we usually had over. She was this little force of fun, it was impossible not to be drawn into her personality.


Our mutual friend eventually gave us each others numbers and the rest was history. Here we are 8 years later and neither of us even talk to the person who introduced us to each other. We have moved out of the town we met in and even the state. Since meeting she has had 3 kids and is currently engaged to her high school sweetheart living in Texas.


Having your soul sister multiple states away is hard, only so many texts and face-time calls before you really miss each other. That is why I came up with the idea of Postal Chicks. The idea is simple we send snail mail packages to each other every month, to make it fun we have themed the packages. October is our first box, with fall starting again we went with the theme Sugar and Spice! Not to mention that it is the birthday month for my girl Kylie! Everyone loves checking their mail and seeing a hard-written note from a loved one.

I knew from the day I saw her sitting on my couch that we were going to be best friends, and I hope that we are able to continue these boxes till we are luck enough to see each other face to face. If you would like to follow our boxes join our social media family:


Ellie Shots





If you have a friend a state or country away, never stop checking in and reminding them that you still care. Try sending a package of love. It is a simple reminder that you aren’t alone no matter where life takes you a friend can make all the difference.


Ellie Shots

Being a working Mom with a stay at home Dad

Hi y’all!

 Today I wanted to take a moment to shed light on something that is very personable to me and my family. I gave birth to my first child January 8,2018, Oliver is the missing piece of my soul. With that being said I returned to work February 2,2018. When I returned to work I got a lot of comments about my choices and I feel the need to give this topic its time in the spotlight.

I was blessed with a husband who treats me with respect and loves me and all my flaws. When we found out I was with child we already knew that I would be the working parent and my husband would stay home to care for our child. I have been a manager since I was 16, I have held down at least 2 jobs at all times. My husband went to the Navy out of high school and has since only worked for a few months at a time. We felt lucky that at least one of us got to be at home with our newborn as we know this is not the reality for most new parents. Only 4.6% of families have a stay at home parent. It wasn’t until after I gave birth during my three week leave that the comments from friends and family started coming in. The reverse roles that my husband and I have are not common in the southern Idaho area. My old school, small community ridiculed me. Some of the most common statements were:

You should be at home with your baby while your husband makes the money

He isn’t a real man if he stays home

Your going to miss everything and resent your husband

You must wear the pants in your relationship

Does your husband breastfeed too

Your baby isn’t even going to know who you are

We also got a lot of comments about how we must live off the state and how nice it would be to do nothing all day and still be able to eat. Keep in mind when I gave birth we lived in an RV park.


I had no idea how truly judgmental people are when you become a parent. Everything you do is judged. I co-sleep, that was a whole bag of worms. I only breastfeed, this was the saddest judgement for me because I have never been in a place and felt completely comfortable. Do not get me wrong I feed my baby anywhere he gets hungry but I hear people passing by and the eyes on me. The first few weeks of having our first child should be the happiest of our lives, and as much joy as our bundle gave us the embarrassment that was forced upon us really took its toll.

Most of the negative comments that came my way all surrounded the idea that somehow I wouldn’t be a good mother, or that I wouldn’t know how to treat my baby because I wasn’t home all the time.When the comments started I could see the effect it had on my husband. The shame he felt staying home broke my heart. The mentality that he wasn’t a man because I worked or that he was some how less because he was the main caregiver of our son. These ideas to me are so OUTDATED! This is 2018, it is not financially responsible for both parents to take any time off, much less 6 full weeks when you don’t have paid maternity leave. Also if one spouse is able to make more money based off skills and resumes then by all means that should be the party that works.

I just want to say this to any couple going into a situation like my own. Do not listen to anyone other than your partner. Yes advice is nice when wanted but it can also be damning when it isn’t welcome. Be the voice for your partner if you hear other pulling them down and judging them. Only those in the home should have a say on how it is run. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we have never followed the path of life that others take. I will never be common, including myself as a mom. No matter how much time I get to spend with my baby I will always want more. My family is my whole world, my son is my best friend and together we have a blast.

If I would have listened to all the comments, my husband would have gone to a dead end job and made minimum wage. We would have had a lot more negativity to deal with, so remember you can NOT make everyone happy so just start with yourself and see what happens.


Xoxo, Ellie Shots

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