Recycled Art Books

Bringing old junk back to life again, that’s what I do. I’m the girl people call when they see free items out on the curb somewhere. Last May I quit my job, I was tired of the rat race. I had no plan, no savings but I knew I could do something. That’s when IContinue reading “Recycled Art Books”

Want free book art?

With all the love, support and encouragement I have received this last month I wanted to give back to my followers and readers! Located on my sidebar you will see a “Come back tomorrow and watch me grow” View counter. Currently sitting at 2,961. If you are the 3,500 viewer, screenshot for a free book!Continue reading “Want free book art?”

Every pet owner needs this.

The internet is a beautiful random world connecting billions of people from every continent. Yesterday while searching other bloggers blogs, I found Grace.( All I saw was a pencil drawn picture of a  puppy, A click later I was taken away by the talent she has. Not only drawings but detailed paintings! Browsing through herContinue reading “Every pet owner needs this.”