Peanut butter and banana cookies

As the weather takes a change and my cardigans start getting used I call upon my autumn flavors. I like to start subtle and end with the big pumpkin pie bang! To me peanut butter is a comfort food, be it a spoon full at a time or an uncrustables sandwich. My husband as ofContinue reading “Peanut butter and banana cookies”

Diy Birthday Gift $0

Hey y’all, It finally happened, those moment crafter’s wait for. Today is my best friends birthday, along with it being the 154th Cinco De Mayo! I had planned to make a book art statement piece for him but unfortunately lost track of time these last few days. This morning was game time, time to getContinue reading “Diy Birthday Gift $0”

Want free book art?

With all the love, support and encouragement I have received this last month I wanted to give back to my followers and readers! Located on my sidebar you will see a “Come back tomorrow and watch me grow” View counter. Currently sitting at 2,961. If you are the 3,500 viewer, screenshot for a free book!Continue reading “Want free book art?”

Life happened on Day two.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Life happens when your busy making plans?”. That happened today, I started the day strong, I even drank the water this morning after going to the bathroom. It was somewhere after the workout before the backroom, the puppy’s took over. Our youngest dog Sweet, a pit-red heeler mix gotContinue reading “Life happened on Day two.”

Day Two, You’re Gonna Be Sore

Welcome back y’all, if you are behind on my month challenge look here: One Month To A Better Me. During our challenge/struggle today I learned several things, for starters I now know that I can’t drink 7 cups of water all at once! When you put things off, it just means you aren’t going to doContinue reading “Day Two, You’re Gonna Be Sore”