Postal Chicks

I found my soul sister when I was a broken, lost 19-year-old girl. I was in a bad relationship, I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally or physically. I had many faces and identity’s based on the people around me. I was living with roommates and between us there was always new people at theContinue reading “Postal Chicks”

Join OLOL in standing against big oil, water protectors unit now!

Many of you have asked me how can we help, let me tell you exactly how. In February 2017 a hour and a half long film is being released for free to the public. What I need you guys to do is sponsor a showing in your local area. Once out this documentary film willContinue reading “Join OLOL in standing against big oil, water protectors unit now!”

Mother’s Day, Without…

Hello y’all, Today is a very special day here at Our Life Out loud.  We are very excited to introduce you to our first guest post writer, Ditzy. Ditzy and I have been close friends since the age of 3. When you have friends who turn into sisters, you go through everything together. I amContinue reading “Mother’s Day, Without…”

Diy Birthday Gift $0

Hey y’all, It finally happened, those moment crafter’s wait for. Today is my best friends birthday, along with it being the 154th Cinco De Mayo! I had planned to make a book art statement piece for him but unfortunately lost track of time these last few days. This morning was game time, time to getContinue reading “Diy Birthday Gift $0”

Our Life Out Loud Music Trivia

Hey Y’all, Finally reunited with my life long bestie Abel for another episode of Our life out loud, our YouTube channel. In life we get so wrapped up in day-to-day task the little things get pushed aside. In my life often friends and family members left on the back burner. It’s been my goal thisContinue reading “Our Life Out Loud Music Trivia”